Immediate loan for government teachers

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If you are a teacher, you know very well what we mean when we see that the expenses accumulate to form a snowball that is getting bigger, eating our end-of-month expenses until there is nothing left.

In addition to your experience as a teacher, you know well the economic ailments that parents suffer before the arrival of classes: panic shopping, search for desperate offers and many tricks to make the money during this season.

And the experience becomes more difficult if, in addition to teaching, you are a father or mother of a family, because you know both experiences and you know that it is very difficult to stay afloat in this season back to school.

How to take that economic recess you so badly need?

Being a teacher means being aware of your students, giving them all your effort and the good of you so they can take with them the learning that will be very useful outside the classroom.

And that implies that your concentration is 100%, because not only are you talking to a child: you are probably talking to 20 or 40 students with different needs and problems.

Each of them is a universe to be discovered and modeled, especially in the case of young students, the latter being like rough diamonds that need attention, patience, responsibility, discipline, and understanding.

Surely you chose to be a teacher because it is something that you carry in your blood. You are passionate about education as a way to improve the living conditions of the country and for that, you have to have happy students with well-reaffirmed learning.

But all is not in carrying the teaching in the blood. An unforgettable teacher for your students must have the following characteristics:

High goals for your students

High goals for your students

You, as a teacher, expect all students to be able to be successful both inside and outside the classroom, and do not give up on students who may be a little behind, on the contrary, you have to have twice as many patients and love for their education.

Planning the lessons they will give

If you plan your classes, you will give your students an idea of what they are going to learn, what the tasks will be and what they will qualify for. The assignments are designed with learning goals and give students ample opportunity to practice what they have learned.

The teacher is consistent in his way of grading and returns the corrected assignments on time.

Always prepare and organize your classes

You must arrive at your room early on, ready to teach. Try to present your topics of the day in a clear and structured way. This will prevent your students from becoming distracted and will influence students to increase their desire to learn beyond school.

Show your lessons with facts

Show your lessons with facts

You should see all the perspectives of an issue and motivate students to predict what will happen, as well as ask your students questions to verify that they are indeed learning.

If the motives they will not dominate the class and this is how you can keep them interested in learning with varied and interesting tactics.

He is pleasant and enthusiastic with his students

Good teachers are nice, accessible, enthusiastic and affectionate. If you have these qualities and are always available to the students and parents who need you, surely they will demonstrate a greater commitment to the subjects and the school.

Always communicate with parents

This means that you should always seek contact with parents in different ways, either through lectures and notes you send home. Never hesitate to look for parents when there are problems with a student.

He is stable and happy for his students

The reflection of you is what you will show your students: everything you are and how you are at that moment, will be what you will give in each class. Therefore, maintaining your personal and family stability is very important so that the classes you teach do not have the same.

And this last point is the most important: having the security of an ally will give you the feeling of well-being you need in your life to be 100% committed to your students and their teaching.

And what better ally for you, teacher or teacher, than a credit to your measure, that rewards all the effort you make to take care of your family and your students, your second home.

At Credifiel we have the ideal loan for you, a government teacher belonging to the National Union of Education Workers.

Our immediate loan for teachers is one of the best options for that little emergency that does not let you sleep peacefully or for that family project that you have not yet carried out.

Your economic stability is part of keeping you in optimal conditions to give the best of you to your students and Credifiel can be the perfect ally to get out of that doldrums in which you find yourself.

You only need:

  • Be between 18 and 80 years old
  • Have a 1-year-old in your current school.
  • That your educational institution has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive your salary in a payroll account or with a bank card.
  • Have a valid identification.
  • Proof of updated address.
  • The latest payroll receipts as proof of income.
  • And your last statement.

Think no more!

In this return to classes, you know well that you may need a little extra money to stabilize your economy. At Credifiel, we want to see you as a complete teacher and as a happy parent.

Complement your day to day with the downloadable “Savings Plan for the second half of the year” that will help you start the school year with a winning attitude.