Discover how to apply for your payday loan

If you need financing, the most classic options in the market are personal loans. They have resorted to it and many people turn to them when they need financial help. However, if you want to request a personal loan with the best conditions, you should know how to do it and what to look for to know if it suits you.

Who to apply for a personal loan?

With the crisis, conventional banks greatly reduced the granting of personal loans and many people were left without access to financing products. In this context, numerous private capital financial companies emerged, occupying a commercial space that until then was being neglected and began to offer a banking product different from traditional personal loans. In this way, many people began to use these entities to request a personal loan, since they had access to a fast, comfortable product (in many cases they can be hired 100% online) and very accessible, due to the few requirements that private lenders usually demand and that I convert the loan application into something very simple.

In turn, banks have had to take a step forward and there are already many entities that offer the possibility of requesting a personal bank loan online. They have also gained in speed, although they still do not approach the rapidity of the quick loans offered by private equity companies. Therefore, we can say that at present it is possible to request a personal loan with both private lenders and with conventional banks, although everything will depend on the type of financing we need and on whom we ask for it.

In addition to the aforementioned private lenders, new alternative routes have emerged with which to obtain personal loans, such as loans between individuals, also known as P2P. These are virtual platforms where people who seek financing contact users who are interested in obtaining profitability from their savings and for that they lend money for projects that may interest them.

Apply for a personal loan step by step

Requesting a Cash When You Need It. online is very easy today thanks, above all, to the fact that new technologies allow us to carry out practically the entire process Internet. The steps to take will vary depending on the entity we go to, but in general, we will have to follow this procedure to process our request:

  • Choose quantity and deadline: thanks to the simulators that count the entities that offer online loans we can know the total cost according to the amount and the term that we choose.
  • Fill out the form: we will have to detail our personal, labor and economic data. This data will be used so that the entity can analyze our profile and decide whether to approve our personal loan application.
  • Send documentation: once the form has been sent and received a pre-approval, we will be asked to send some documents to verify the data of the form. In general, it will be sufficient to send a receipt of income, an identity document, and a bank statement.
  • Read and sign the contract: finally, the entity will definitely approve the request and send us a document with all the clauses of the contract. We must read this document carefully and sign it as long as we agree with all the clauses.

Once the entity has the contract duly signed, the contract will be formalized and we will transfer the capital to the corresponding current account. Depending on the type of entity, the application and grant term will vary. In personal loans, the most common is that they are about 48 hours, although the whole process could be extended

Application form for a personal loan

The application form for personal loans always follows a similar pattern, however, we must bear in mind that there is a wide variety of lenders in the current financial market, so the process that we will have to follow to apply for a personal loan It will always depend on the procedure developed by each entity. However, with most companies we will only have to provide the following information to request the personal credit that interests us:

  • The amount of money we need and the repayment term we want to set to return it.
  • Our personal data, with which the lender will analyze our profile.
  • Our economic situation (income), personal (single or married and with or without children) and work (seniority in the company, rank, studies …).
  • If we have any outstanding debt we will have to communicate it, as well as the amount and origin of the non-payment.
  • Some way of contact, such as our email address or a phone number.

As we have said, this is in general terms, since everything will depend on the entity to which we turn. The same goes for the process that must be carried out to hire a cheap personal loan since each company has its own. Normally, we will have to insert the amount and the term in the loan simulator of each entity, then fill out a form with our data and send the documents that require us. Subsequently, we will have to read and accept the contract to complete the credit application.

How to request a personal loan in 25 questions

If after doing all this process, the bank approves our request and makes an offer, we must study it carefully to assess whether it suits us or not. To know if the offered credit has good conditions, we can download the free guide of the online comparator “How to ask for a personal loan to the bank in 25 questions”, in which we will find several keys that will help us find out if we are facing a good offer.

To whom to go to request each type of loan?

The increase in the number of private lenders in the financial sector has generated a very important evolution in the financing market. Currently we not only have a wide variety of companies to which we can turn to ask for a personal loan, but we also have the possibility of contracting a greater number of financing products, which are very different from each other.

  • If what we need is some money quickly, fast loans from private lenders are an interesting option. With them, we can get liquidity that will reach our account in a period of between a quarter of an hour and two days at most and to request one of these personal loans the requirements are very flexible.
  • Another option is to request a personal bank loan, which is the classic way and through which we can get a higher amount than the fast loans, but also in a longer period of time and having to carry out more paperwork. It is also true that these loans tend to have a more competitive interest than quick loans.
  • A third way is to resort to new forms of business that have arisen thanks to the rise of the Internet. Nowadays, thanks to crowdlending it is possible to obtain financing through a platform through which we can obtain amounts similar to those of a personal loan with money lent by different private investors. In addition, if we have a good profile and the project we want to finance has a low level of risk, the interests that will apply to us will be much lower.

Depending on our situation and needs, we will resort to one type of product or another. However, we must compare all the options offered by each product in order to select the most appropriate one based on our profile. If, for example, we need money immediately, even if they are more expensive, fast personal loans can be a good option. On the other hand, if we are already clients of a bank and offer personalized conditions, personal loans may be appropriate. Everything will depend on our financial situation and the needs we have.

The simulators to request a personal loan

Currently, most entities have adapted to the new technological world, which provides tools that make things much easier when making a request for a personal loan. One of those great advances in the inclusion in practically all the websites of loan simulators.

Both conventional banks and private lenders offer us the possibility of using their simulators in their own web pages. With these tools, we will be able to know instantaneously how much we will pay for our loan depending on the term, amount and other expenses that it may have (if it includes them). Whether it is a mini-loan or a larger loan, with one or multiple installments, we will only have to enter the capital and the term in the simulator to use it and thus be able to make the loan application.

This tool is very common nowadays and we can find it in any entity dedicated to the granting of credits to the consumer, either private or public. However, they are not the only ones, since in some online comparator like we can also find it. In turn, the Bank of Spain also has a simulator that can be very useful when requesting a personal loan that fits what we need.

Immediate loan for government teachers

Image result for teachersImmediate loans are one of the best solutions for all those financial problems you have to face- Bridge Payday is very quick.

If you are a teacher, you know very well what we mean when we see that the expenses accumulate to form a snowball that is getting bigger, eating our end-of-month expenses until there is nothing left.

In addition to your experience as a teacher, you know well the economic ailments that parents suffer before the arrival of classes: panic shopping, search for desperate offers and many tricks to make the money during this season.

And the experience becomes more difficult if, in addition to teaching, you are a father or mother of a family, because you know both experiences and you know that it is very difficult to stay afloat in this season back to school.

How to take that economic recess you so badly need?

Being a teacher means being aware of your students, giving them all your effort and the good of you so they can take with them the learning that will be very useful outside the classroom.

And that implies that your concentration is 100%, because not only are you talking to a child: you are probably talking to 20 or 40 students with different needs and problems.

Each of them is a universe to be discovered and modeled, especially in the case of young students, the latter being like rough diamonds that need attention, patience, responsibility, discipline, and understanding.

Surely you chose to be a teacher because it is something that you carry in your blood. You are passionate about education as a way to improve the living conditions of the country and for that, you have to have happy students with well-reaffirmed learning.

But all is not in carrying the teaching in the blood. An unforgettable teacher for your students must have the following characteristics:

High goals for your students

High goals for your students

You, as a teacher, expect all students to be able to be successful both inside and outside the classroom, and do not give up on students who may be a little behind, on the contrary, you have to have twice as many patients and love for their education.

Planning the lessons they will give

If you plan your classes, you will give your students an idea of what they are going to learn, what the tasks will be and what they will qualify for. The assignments are designed with learning goals and give students ample opportunity to practice what they have learned.

The teacher is consistent in his way of grading and returns the corrected assignments on time.

Always prepare and organize your classes

You must arrive at your room early on, ready to teach. Try to present your topics of the day in a clear and structured way. This will prevent your students from becoming distracted and will influence students to increase their desire to learn beyond school.

Show your lessons with facts

Show your lessons with facts

You should see all the perspectives of an issue and motivate students to predict what will happen, as well as ask your students questions to verify that they are indeed learning.

If the motives they will not dominate the class and this is how you can keep them interested in learning with varied and interesting tactics.

He is pleasant and enthusiastic with his students

Good teachers are nice, accessible, enthusiastic and affectionate. If you have these qualities and are always available to the students and parents who need you, surely they will demonstrate a greater commitment to the subjects and the school.

Always communicate with parents

This means that you should always seek contact with parents in different ways, either through lectures and notes you send home. Never hesitate to look for parents when there are problems with a student.

He is stable and happy for his students

The reflection of you is what you will show your students: everything you are and how you are at that moment, will be what you will give in each class. Therefore, maintaining your personal and family stability is very important so that the classes you teach do not have the same.

And this last point is the most important: having the security of an ally will give you the feeling of well-being you need in your life to be 100% committed to your students and their teaching.

And what better ally for you, teacher or teacher, than a credit to your measure, that rewards all the effort you make to take care of your family and your students, your second home.

At Credifiel we have the ideal loan for you, a government teacher belonging to the National Union of Education Workers.

Our immediate loan for teachers is one of the best options for that little emergency that does not let you sleep peacefully or for that family project that you have not yet carried out.

Your economic stability is part of keeping you in optimal conditions to give the best of you to your students and Credifiel can be the perfect ally to get out of that doldrums in which you find yourself.

You only need:

  • Be between 18 and 80 years old
  • Have a 1-year-old in your current school.
  • That your educational institution has an agreement with Credifiel.
  • Receive your salary in a payroll account or with a bank card.
  • Have a valid identification.
  • Proof of updated address.
  • The latest payroll receipts as proof of income.
  • And your last statement.

Think no more!

In this return to classes, you know well that you may need a little extra money to stabilize your economy. At Credifiel, we want to see you as a complete teacher and as a happy parent.

Complement your day to day with the downloadable “Savings Plan for the second half of the year” that will help you start the school year with a winning attitude.

Deaths and fatalities increase this summer in the Canary Islands

Image result for las palmasLas Palmas de Gran Canaria, Aug 7 (EFE) .- The number of traffic accidents with fatalities has increased this summer in the Canary Islands, as well as the deceased, with a total of 27 fatal accidents and 28 deaths in the period covered by the July 1 to August 6, reported the Government Delegation in the Canary Islands.

By provinces, in Las Palmas there have been 16 accidents and 16 deaths, and in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, 11 accidents and 12 people died.

Last year, in the same period, 24 accidents and 27 deaths had been registered in the Canary Islands, according to the data of the Government Delegation.

Distractions, speed, consumption of alcohol and drugs and infractions of the norm are the causes of these accidents.

Circular at an adequate speed could prevent, practically, a quarter of the deceased, said in a statement.

In the case of the province of Las Palmas, and in relation to fatal accidents on interurban roads, as of August 6, the number of fatal accidents and the number of deaths in relation to the previous year have increased.

In that period, 3 accidents were recorded with the result of 3 deaths, compared to the summer of 2017, in which there was an accident with a deceased.

Of the deceased this summer, four are users of motorcycles, while in 2017, on the same dates, five users of motorcycles had died.

Also, this year a cyclist has died while last year none died.

Regarding the abuses, to date 3 pedestrians have died, while in 2017 no pedestrian died in the same period.

In the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, until August 6, the number of fatal accidents and the number of deaths have been reduced.

So far this summer, there have been three accidents with three people killed, compared to the summer of 2017 in which there were two accidents with two deaths.

Of the deceased this summer, two are motorists, while in 2017, on the same date, there were five dead motorists.

To date, one cyclist has died as in 2017.

As for the abuses, a pedestrian has died, just like last year.

The delegate of the Government in the Canary Islands, Elena Máñez, has informed that the Directorate of Traffic in the Canary Islands has begun to test a new operation with drones in order to add a new system of regulation, regulation and monitoring of traffic, coinciding with the campaign Of summer.

This operation is in the testing phase, waiting to know operational and functionality data and, once proven effective, could be added to the rest of the operations that are carried out in road monitoring.

The reason for this campaign is “to generate that real awareness that when we hit the road with the car we have a responsibility because we can endanger lives, and the way to avoid accidents is not driving at high speed, complying with regulations, being vigilant on the road and not fall into distractions, such as using the mobile without approved accessories, “according to the Government delegate.

This year, to the surveillance from the air with the helicopters, five drones are added.

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has initiated a process aimed at the introduction of RPAS (System of Piloted Aircraft by Remote Control) in surveillance missions and air traffic regulation, according to the conditions and requirements legally established in the Royal Decree 1036/2017, of December 15, which regulates the civilian use of piloted aircraft by remote control.

The Provincial Traffic Chief of Las Palmas, Eva Canitrot, explained that “drones are added to the aerial surveillance carried out by helicopters, but they would provide better data on secondary roads thanks to the ease of accessing them with this mechanism”.

This process, sequenced in several phases of development, contemplates the execution of tests dedicated to, among others, checking the necessary operational deployment, seeing the potential of the RPAS as an aerial surveillance platform, analyzing the images captured through the cameras in them embarked, and rehearse available alternatives for image transmission to traffic management units.

The realization of flights with RPAS in the Canary Islands, during the month of August 2018, is part of these tests.

These tests will be carried out through the DGT Aerial Media Unit in collaboration with the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

In Gran Canaria, the operation will be in progress from August 4 to 7 and in Tenerife from 9 to 12 August.

Drinking fruit juice does not equal eating the fruit

Drinking fruit juice does not equal eating the fruit

Do you think that the jam is equivalent to a serving of fruit? Ea , well with the juices either . And that for the elaboration of the two products -meal and juice- the fruit invariably intervenes … that is clear to you. And although the juice is not added to anything else and is exclusively the liquefied product of the fruit … the fruit juice is neither fruit, nor does its consumption replace that of the fruit .

For the jam sure you do not have to explain it, sure you understand. We go with the juice and with an example: the paradigmatic orange juice .

Let’s see the nutritional and effect differences on the intake of a glass of natural orange juice against that of an orange as such . Keep in mind that for a glass of juice you usually use, on average, 3 oranges more or less. Well, let’s see.

In summary: the juice provides more calories, less fiber, less satiety and the possibility of taking “more than necessary” is much higher … among other issues (and all this assuming that sugar is not added)

It is for these reasons and perhaps others that I think you will be interested in knowing some specialized opinions regarding this topic. For example:

  • The World Health Organization (2003) states that there is a high level of evidence about the protective role of fruit to prevent obesity, a fact that is reflected in recent research in this regard. However, the WHO states that the scientific data show a probable relationship between the consumption of fruit juices and obesity .
  • The American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association advise decreasing the consumption of fruit juices to prevent obesity .
  • The American Heart Association again proposes as credible that satiety is lower compared to a fruit juice than to a whole fruit and therefore discourages the consumption of fruit juices, insisting on the importance of consuming fruit in its original state , and Considering that the calories consumed in liquid form could negatively affect attempts to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends increasing fruit intake to prevent overweight and obesity in children, as long as it is not in the form of fruit juices
  • The Nutrition Committee of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics states that fruit juices are not nutritionally equivalent to natural fruits , as they lack fiber and do not stimulate chewing.
  • And finally, the healthy eating guide from the Harvard University School of Public Health , known as the Healthy Eating Plate, alludes to the consumption of fruit juices in terms of limiting their intake. And if consumed advised not to exceed the daily frequency of more than one small glass and never to replace the fruit as such .

So, do you still think that if you do not take fruit, or your child does not take it, this situation is arranged with a zumito (or two, or three, etc.)? The source of drink and hydration for you and your child must be water, and fruit … to eat.

Eat fruit Real fruit

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What is financial intelligence and what is it for?

Financial intelligence is the ability you have to control your personal finances.

Financial intelligence is the ability you have to control your personal finances.

Just as it is important to learn how to make smart loans (Lee: Smart loans), it is also important to learn how to manage, control and manage personal finances.

The economy, is perhaps one of the issues for which we have never been properly educated, we have been taught from the school, that studying is for the only thing that we need intelligence, but they assume that the rest is something that we will empirically develop.

Today, from Rapicredit, we want to tell you about financial intelligence, a term that, although unknown by many, who manage to know, study and learn it, achieve a financial stability that few can have and learn to have such control over their money, that they never deprive themselves of what they like most.

Financial intelligence is based on the following pillars:

  1. Control unnecessary expenses: knowing your personal expenses is essential to have total control of your finances, know how much money comes in and how much money comes out, is the first step to improve your personal economy.

As advice on this point, we recommend you have a table in which you write the money that you spend every day vs the money that reaches your hands, at the end of the month, account for this data and make an in-depth analysis of the results.

  1. Savings and consumption strategies: saving is the key word at any time of financial transformation, no matter how much you save, the important thing is that you do it (Lee: 2 effective methods to save 1 million pesos in a short time) and that you start creating a habit

At this point, it is important that in addition to allocate part of your money to save, you know in which monthly expenses you can decrease money, at this point you can evaluate: bills (Read: Tips lower the price of your bills), credits, meals or party, transportation, etc.

  1. Generation of money: financial intelligence is characterized by a motto and is to generate more money. It is not that you should have 5 work to be very smart in your finances, but that the generation of this money is given by means of a correct administration of what you have to achieve an economic abundance.

At this point, investing is a good decision, because in this way you double your income, you become independently financial and also, you can use this investment for a project that you want to execute from always. So, add two important terms: financial intelligence and entrepreneurship, the latter we will tell you later.

A person with financial intelligence is always thinking about increasing their income and reducing unnecessary expenses, be careful! It’s not about living badly or becoming an extreme cheapskate, it’s about finding the perfect balance between what you spend, what you earn and the extra money you can get.

Learning to make smart loans is a fundamental part of having financial intelligence, for this reason, at Rapicredit, we invite you to request credits that are not going to cause you any worries.

Remember that our loans are of free destination and you can use them in whatever you want, this can be the first step to generate additional income, as long as you know how to invest it in the indicated way.